Novella Incoming

So Culture Shock is done! 

Well almost. It's going through the final edit and proofreading process. Then it's publishing time! Look for the download around the start of June.

Keep checking the site for any upcoming projects or stories. I have many ideas that I'd love to turn into short stories, novellas or novels, it's just a matter of picking one and putting in the time. 

Thanks for reading, 



Hey guys,

So I am nearly finished my next ebook! I know, finally right. I'm in the process of writing and fine-tuning the ending. Then its on to a proofread, revising and editing, then finally releasing. Its the longest story I've wrote so far. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it. 

I'll try to post to the website more regularly. I'm trying to decide what else to post/share on this site. I was thinking Creative Writing Prompts or a section with a 500 word story, wrote once a week. Just to keep the writing muscle active along with sharing my random ramblings or super short stories. We'll see what happens. 

In the meantime, Happy Reading. 



So I finally took the plunge and created a website for my writing. It's a work in progress.  

I wanted to include a section where I could rant and talk about things. And a spot where I could post messages for my readers.

So feel free to check out the other sections of the website. You can view previews to my self-published fiction work along with a link to download them. I have a section (Creative/Writing) to post articles or links related to writing advice and creativity. 

Thanks for reading